The Company Ruby on Thursdays

The founder Simonetta Cristiano, created the film production company Ruby on Thusrdays s.r.l. on march 2013. Named after the art director

Rubino Rubini, the company inherited his well-provided footage archive.

The Ruby on thursdays company focuses on the film industry . Its focus is the producion of movies about Art, Architecture and Major Building Projects .The main aim is to make a contribution to the development of Culture by organising Festivals, Exhibitions, Events, Audio-Visual contents and by collaborating with several Museums and Performers .


The Ruby On Workshop

The Ruby On unit team has a suitable techical expertise developed both individually and within the team gained over all the years spent to work in the most significant communications realities in the field of Commuication and Movies.

Concept Design, Production Managment, Video Shooting, Sound Design, Post-Production; we seize the best resources available to ensure both effective messages and high quality images in order to make an impressive impact .


Technical Equipment

Post Production Equipment List | Film Shooting Equipment List



Team Head

Simonetta Cristiano • Author | Director

Federico Centurelli • Account | PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT

Simona Di Giovannantonio • EXTERNAL RELATIONS

Fabio Chimenti - Giusj Stella • POST-PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR

Gianluca Gallucci - Gerardo Fornari • Cinematographer | FILM EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT